PLUS. offers a wide array of benefits and perks to corporate, non-corporate and private individuals, at tailored rates and packages. To boost the benefits offered by our network, we signed an agreement with the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce [NGLCC] of the United States of America, about similar collaboration on LGBTI workplace issues.

  • Accreditation as an LGBTI business supplier;
  • Link your business with corporate procurement departments;
  • Mentorship and coaching opportunities;
  • Business training and workshops;
  • Business-to-business match making events;
  • Free registration to PLUS business network gatherings and forums;
  • Registration on the NGLCC US LGBTI Supplier database;
  • Access to the PLUS supplier database;
  • Regular communication on developments and opportunities.



Fill in the form below by clicking on the form button, once you have completed the form click submit and your details will be entered onto the database. Please note that membership is free only until April 2019.

Scholarships to the South African LGBTI Business Summmit 2018

Use the button below to apply for a scholarship to the South African LGBTI Business Summmit 2018.


The purpose of this inaugural South African LGBTI business summit is to position LGBTI economic muscle in the business sphere by making a strong business case for the economic inclusion of LGBTI people and, by doing that, to open up new business and other economic empowerment opportunities for LGBTI people. Discussions during the summit will demonstrate how this can be done, identify opportunities to make it happen, and craft strategies to overcome obstacles.