What we do

Everyone should be free to live a safe and dignified life, have a family and make their contribution to society. The homophobia and discrimination faced by LGBTI persons in society, often translates however, into exclusion from economic opportunities, and homophobia and discrimination in the workplace.

PLUS. the LGBTI+ Business Network, is an initiative set-up by the Other Foundation in 2016, not only to empower LGBTI people to become more active within the business sector in South Africa, but also to address the homophobia and discrimination that still exists, in the workplace. Much as positive legal and policy reform pertaining to sexual minorities has occurred within South African society, there is a growing urgency in the need to reform policies that discriminate against LGBTI people, at their places of work. As more and more young, openly LGBTI people join the workforce and become big earners, they attain the influence to shape new social value systems that erode homophobic attitudes in the workplace, and at home. This opportunity is likely to last only one generation, an unprecedented opportunity to harness the power of business, for LGBTI economic empowerment and social acceptance in southern Africa.

Our Mission

To champion, promote, support, and empower South African LGBTI business owners and entrepreneurs with valuable opportunities to learn, network, do business and prosper, contributing to the redress of the structural social and economic injustice of our past.

Our Vision

To build a dynamic, thriving and visible South African LGBTI business community for an inclusive, free and equitable society that celebrates.

Our Values

Equality, Freedom, Respect for human rights, Community pride, Belief in the value and talents of the LGBTI community, Empowerment and mentorship, Professionalism, Excellence, Credibility, Bridge-building, Collaborative power, Creativity.

Our focus areas

  • Advocacy to create fair, equitable and inclusive business environments to support LGBTI businesses;
  • Accreditation of LGBT suppliers;
  • Enterprise development;
  • Supporting the establishment and strengthening of LGBTI inclusive workplaces;
  • Networking


PLUS. offers a wide array of benefits and perks to corporate, non-corporate and private individuals, at tailored rates and packages. To boost the benefits offered by our network, we signed an agreement with the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce [NGLCC] of the United States of America, about similar collaboration on LGBTI workplace issues.

  • Accreditation as an LGBTI business supplier;
  • Link your business with corporate procurement departments;
  • Mentorship and coaching opportunities;
  • Business training and workshops;
  • Business-to-business match making events;
  • Free registration to PLUS business network gatherings and forums;
  • Registration on the NGLCC US LGBTI Supplier database;
  • Access to the PLUS supplier database;
  • Regular communication on developments and opportunities.