Who we are

Exclusion from scarce employment opportunities, and discrimination in the workplace are often identified by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex [LGBTI] people in southern Africa, as harmful to their wellbeing. In the same space, there are also flourishing, small LGBTI owned businesses, and a growing desire by the business sector at large, to tap into LGBTI markets.

Acceptance of different sexualities and gender expression continues to make progress, with more big companies committed and eager to ensure greater diversity in their workforce and to ensure LGBTI inclusion in their supply chains. As more and more young, openly LGBTI people join the workforce and become big earners, they attain the influence to shape new social value systems that erode homophobic attitudes in the workplace, and at home. This opportunity is likely to last only one generation, an unprecedented opportunity to harness the power of business, for LGBTI economic empowerment and social acceptance in southern Africa.

In 2016, the Other Foundation convened a working group of LGBTI business owners and social entrepreneurs in Cape Town to establish PLUS. the LGBTI+ Business Network. Click here to read the report from the inaugural meeting of the working group. More LGBTI groups in a few big companies have come forward since then, and want to be part of the initiative.

Our Chair
Zini Godden – Interim Chairperson, PLUS.

Our Champion
Bonang Mohale – Country Chairperson, Shell South Africa

PLUS. Working Group
Andrea Maharaj
Dean Ebden
Fanney Tsimong
Lindiwe Zikhali
Luiz de Barros
Nhlanhla Ndaba
Samantha Samuels
Simphiwe Tshabalala

Our Collaborators
Norton Rose Fullbright

For more information on PLUS. contact Zimkhitha Guma.