• Get access to a database of vetted LGBTI suppliers.
  • Stay current in the latest Local and International news and developments in the LGBTI+ community and receive newsletters from affiliated LGBTI+ Chambers around the world.
  • Demonstrate your company’s commitment to LGBTI+ inclusion and be recognized throughout PLUS members and affiliates.
  • Access world class training available on LGBTI+ Awareness & Inclusion at both the annual LGBTI+ Summit and through customized in-house opportunities.
  • Raise the profile of your company’s LGBTI+ inclusion activities.
  • Get an opportunity to network with LGBTI+ inclusive captains of the industry as well as their allies.
  • Show your company’s leadership by applying LGBTI+ inclusive good practices

PLUS. Incubation Programme

PLUS Virtual Incubation Programme is an online platform that is designed to equip LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs through business training, mentoring support and business coaching from anywhere. We are committed to help our members create legacies and build sustainable businesses.

The Incubation Programme consists of 3 Tiers aimed at providing targeted support.

PLUS. Core
R250.00 per annum

Learn basic business principles to get you started

3 months program aimed at LGBTQIA+ businesses still in ideation phase and those that have not be formally registered.

PLUS. Ignite
R500 per annum

Scale and Grow

9 months programme aimed at equipping businesses that are already in business, compliant, generating and ready to do business with corporates and government. This programme helps entrepreneurs develop the necessary skills needed to scale their businesses and operate them efficiently and effectively.

PLUS. Accelerator
R1000.00 per annum

Get your business ready for new, bigger markets

3 year Incubation programme that focus on fast tracking existing market LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs with the right support to make sure they excel .

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